C++WG会議 議事録 2008年08月

2008/08/29(金) に議論したドキュメント一覧です。

今回の会議は、 hito さん、 melt さん他1名の方が新たに参加されました。

2008-06/N2659 "Thread-Local Storage"
2008-06/N2656 "Core issue 654 wording"
2008-06/N2657 "Local and Unnamed Types as Template Arguments"
2008-06/N2658 "Constness of Lambda Functions (Revision 1)"
2008-06/N2634 "Solving the SFINAE problem for expressions"
2008-05/N2664 "C++ Data-Dependency Ordering: Atomics and Memory Model"
2008-06/N2672 "Initializer List proposed wording"
2008-06/N2660 "Dynamic Initialization and Destruction with Concurrency"

2008-02/N2514 "Implicit Conversion Operators for Atomics"
2008-06/N2667 "Reserved namespaces for POSIX"
2008-06/N2678 "Error Handling Specification for Chapter 30 (Threads) (Revision 1)"
2008-06/N2661 "A Foundation to Sleep On"
2008-06/N2674 "Shared_ptr atomic access, revision 1"
2008-06/N2666 "More STL algorithms (revision 2)"
2008-06/N2669 "Thread-Safety in the Standard Library (Rev 2)"
2007-10/N2435 "Explicit bool for Smart Pointers"
2008-06/N2679 "Initializer Lists for Standard Containers (Revision 1)"
2008-06/N2680 "Proposed Wording for Placement Insert (Revision 1)"

2008-03/N2543 ”STL singly linked lists (revision 3)”
2008-03/N2554 ”The Scoped Allocator Model (Rev 2)”

2008-06/N2670 "Minimal Support for Garbage Collection and Reachability-Based Leak Detection (revised)"