BoostのGoogle Summer of Code 2014

[gsoc2014] This year's students announced

学生を対象に、Googleから50万円くらいもらってオープンソース・ソフトウェアに貢献するGoogle Summer of Code。今年もはじまります。

Boost C++ Librariesでは、以下のプロジェクトが採択されました。

  • Anton Bikineev

    • Mentor: Christopher Kormanyos
    • Topic: Boost.Math Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
  • Ian Forbes

    • Mentor: Tim Blechmann
    • Topic: Boost.Thread Scheduled Executors
  • Louis Dionne

    • Mentor: Joel Falcou
    • Topic: A C++11 template metaprogramming library
  • Mark Lingle

    • Mentor: David Bellot
    • Topic: Boost.uBlas: Optimization via Smart Templating and a Tree Optimizer class
  • Roshan

    • Mentor: Kyle Lutz
    • Topic: Expand and Improve Boost.Compute
  • Saksham Maheshwari

    • Mentor: Stefan Seefeld
    • Topic: Boost.XML - A Standard XML Library
  • Thaler Benedek

    • Mentor: Vicente J. Botet Escriba
    • Topic: Boost.Pipeline
  • Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira

    • Mentor: Bjorn Reese
    • Topic: HTTP server on Boost