C++WG会議 議事録 2008年05月

簡易議事録ですが、 2008/05/16(金) に議論したドキュメントの一覧です。

2008-03/N2535 "Namespace Association ("inline namespace")"
2008-03/N2540 "Inheriting Constructors (revision 5)"
2008-03/N2541 "New Function Declarator Syntax Wording"
2008-03/N2544 "Unrestricted Unions (Revision 2)"
2008-03/N2546 "Removal of auto as a storage-class specifier"
2008-03/N2547 "Allow atomics use in signal handlers"
2008-03/N2550 "Lambda Expressions and Closures: Wording for Monomorphic Lambdas (Revision 4)"
2008-03/N2555 "Extended Variadic Template Template Parameters (Revision 1)"

2007-12/N2478 "A Proposal to Add typedef default_random_engine to C++0X"
2008-03/N2551 "A variadic std::min(T, ...) for the C++ Standard Library(Revision 2)"
2008-03/N2559 "Nesting Exceptions"


2008-02/N2525 "Allocator-specific Swap and Move Behavior"
2008-03/N2543 "STL singly linked lists (revision 3)"
2008-03/N2554 "The Scoped Allocator Model (Rev 2)"