C++0x(C++09 or C++10) と C++12(or C++13)

An Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup

BS: The standard will be finished in late 2008, but it takes forever to go through all the hoops of the ISO process.
So, we must face the reality that "C++0x" may become C++10.

標準の策定は2008年中に完了するけど、ISO を通るのにとても時間がかかるので
"C++0x" は C++10 になるかもしれないという現実に直面しなければならない

BS: Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world and C++0x won't get all the "goodies" I'd like and probably a fewer "minor" features than I would have liked. Fortunately, the committee has decided to try for more and smaller increments. For example, C++0x (whether that'll be C++09 or C++10) will have only the preparations for programmer-controlled garbage collection and lightweight concurrency, whereas we hope for the full-blown facilities in C++12 (or C++13).

残念なことに、C++0x はみんなが欲しがっているものが全て入るわけではない。
例えば、我々は C++12(or C++13) に十分に発達した能力を持たせるために
C++0x(C++09 or C++10) はプログラマが制御できるガベージコレクションと軽量な並列性の準備だけを行う。